1. FINOPTA company establishment information
    FINOPTA was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The company’s full name is: FINOPTA LIMITED
    FINOPTA is a company focused on the integration of artificial intelligence technology and investment market strategies. We provide industry-leading intelligent strategic trading solutions and services. We are committed to allowing every user to enjoy the convenience and life changes brought by the artificial intelligence era.
  2. Company vision
    As the world’s leading intelligent financial service provider, our vision is to lead the integrated development of artificial intelligence and finance, so that everyone can enjoy the convenience and wealth brought by the artificial intelligence era. In the future, we will actively promote community ecology Build and jointly create your own community ecosystem, provide users with more investment opportunities and rich communication and interaction, and create a more intelligent, convenient and secure investment environment for users.
  3. Advantages of FINOPTA intelligent grid strategy trading system
    In the complex cryptocurrency market, Finopta Smart Grid Trading Strategy combines advanced AI algorithms with fast traditional grid trading strategies to enhance automation and optimize investment decisions. Through continuous deep learning, the system can quickly judge and handle unilateral or special market conditions, which is impossible to achieve with traditional grid strategies. With the help of powerful AI computing power, Finopta’s intelligent grid strategy trading system can intelligently create multiple currencies in the range for trading, thereby achieving faster, more efficient and smarter trading methods, and effectively improving order and capital utilization.
  4. Stability of FINOPTA intelligent grid strategy trading system
    The FINOPTA intelligent grid trading system uses continuous analysis of a large number of mainstream block market data and historical transaction records to achieve the execution of highly automated trading strategies. The system adjusts and optimizes the trading range in real time according to market conditions, helping investors to more accurately grasp market trends and price fluctuations in the range, and execute trading strategies at the best time to improve trading effects and profitability.
    The uniqueness of the FINOPTA intelligent grid trading system reduces the impact of people’s errors and emotions on trading decisions, and improves the stability and consistency of trading. The automated execution of the system eliminates important factors and reduces the error rate in trading. At the same time, through real-time dynamic range adjustment and optimization, the system can flexibly perceive market changes and improve trading effects.
    This system aims to maintain zero risk and ensures that transactions are conducted at a lower risk level through strict risk control strategies. This enables the system to maintain its leading position in the industry and provide users with stable value-added wealth growth opportunities.
    5.Other advantages of FINOPTA
    FINOPTA does not just provide a single mode of strategic trading for investment users. FINOPTA will also organize activities for users to strengthen and improve user skills and cultivate active participation, which can not only help users earn more wealth, but also gain more fun and achievements and enhance self-worth.
    6.What are the sources of FINOPTA’s income?
    FINOPTA’s income is the same as user income. Each of our income comes from the trading market. Help users gain profits in the cryptocurrency market through the intelligent strategy system, and FINOPTA will also receive corresponding returns.
  5. How to become a valid user of FINOPTA
  6. When you recharge $35 to your FINOPTA account, you will immediately become a valid member
  7. Valid users can use strategic trading permanently and are eligible for withdrawals.
  8. Have the qualification to establish a community team
  9. Provide you with additional activities with bonuses and benefits (Task Center)
  10. What is community ecological construction?
    Community ecological construction refers to creating a community team that cooperates with each other and develops together through FINOPTA in a community or region. The role of the community team is to help FINOPTA quickly realize its market strategic layout and establish a harmonious, healthy and sustainable community ecosystem.
    9 Community Team Rules
    You must be a valid FINOPTA user to be eligible to participate in the community team and enjoy community team benefits. First make sure your account is active and meets the conditions specified by the platform.
    Maintain funding requirements. To enjoy Community Team benefits, please maintain at least the minimum required funds for your current level. Different levels correspond to different funding requirements.
    First-generation member rate of return: If you invite user A, A will become your first-generation member. The team commission rate for first-generation members is 12%.
    Second-generation member rate of return: If A invites user B, then B will become your second-generation member. The team commission rate for second-generation members is 6%.
    Third-generation member yield: If B invites user C, then C will become your third-generation member. The team commission rate for third-generation members is 2%.
  11. Benefits of creating a community team
  12. Increase smart strategy grid trading volume to earn higher profits
  13. Add a community team income for you
  14. Promote to become a community team leader and enjoy community salary
  15. Help more people in need through FinOpta and jointly enjoy the convenience brought by artificial intelligence.
  16. How are the benefits of the community team calculated?
    In order to promote community team building, FINOPTA will provide the following community team benefits:
    Here’s an example showing:
    When your first-generation community team member reaches $100 in strategic earnings per day, you will receive an additional $12 in community team rewards.
    When your second-generation community team member reaches $100 in strategic earnings per day, you will receive an additional $6 in community team rewards.
    When your third-generation community team member reaches $100 in strategic earnings per day, you will receive an additional $2 in community team rewards.
    If you are able to build a community team similar to the example above, you will earn $18 per day in community team benefits, forever.
    FINOPTA provides you with the opportunity to showcase your abilities and let more people join your community team by sharing FINOPTA to achieve success together.
  17. How to improve account security?
    Security is always the most important part. It is recommended that you follow the following methods to improve the security of your account.
  18. Change account passwords and transaction passwords regularly.
    (It is recommended that you set a more complex account password, ensure the password is unique and change the password regularly, and do not tell others the password)
  19. Complete the real-name verification.
  20. Turn on two-factor verification. We recommend that you bind Google Authenticator for two-factor verification.

PS: The FinOpta team will not proactively ask you for your account password and information for any reason or excuse.

  1. How to choose a trustworthy cryptocurrency trading platform
    Mainstream global cryptocurrency trading platforms: Binance, Coinbase Exchange, Houbi, Bybit, OKX, etc.
  2. Why use USDT for settlement?
    FINOPTA is a world-leading intelligent strategy trading platform with business scope covering many countries around the world. Because countries use different legal currencies, FINOPTA uses USDT as the settlement token, which is equivalent to the US dollar. Users can exchange local currencies through USDT. Make the FINOPTA settlement system more efficient.
  3. What are the benefits and tips for executing grid strategies on a daily basis?
  4. Execute strategic orders corresponding to the current level every day and earn corresponding profits
  5. Increasing the funds available in your account can increase your daily strategy income
  6. Upgrading the account grid level can lead to higher income
  7. Participate in community ecological construction and receive community team rewards for activities.
  8. Actively participate in and complete platform activities to get additional rewards
  9. Improving the FINOPTA level can bring the following benefits:
  10. Enjoy higher profits: As the level increases, you will get higher profits. FINOPTA provides different profit plans for users of different levels.
  11. Priority in community welfare qualifications: As your level increases, you will have more opportunities to participate in or organize community activities.
  12. Promote to become a community assistant or manager: As your level increases, you have the opportunity to be promoted to a community assistant or manager. After becoming a community assistant or manager, you will enjoy more treatment and benefits, including community team benefit dividends, quarterly dividends and annual dividends. Dividends etc.

By increasing your level, you will be able to better participate in the development of the platform and enjoy more benefits and benefits.

  1. Why adopt a 24-hour fund review mechanism?
    In order to strictly abide by the financial regulatory regulations of various regional markets, standardize the order of user business behavior and crack down on malicious arbitrage, money laundering and other illegal activities, FINOPTA and the financial regulatory authorities jointly developed a 24-hour fund review mechanism. This mechanism applies to the requirements of financial regulators around the world.
    According to this mechanism, every newly generated funds in the user account (including deposited funds, strategy income, community team rewards and bonus income) must go through a 24-hour review period. Only after the review period is over, these funds can be withdrawn from the account. Waiting for the release state to change to the flexible state. Funds in flexible status can be withdrawn or used to execute strategy orders. Only newly generated funds in the margin can be used immediately to execute strategy orders.
    By introducing a fund review mechanism, FINOPTA aims to ensure compliance with financial regulatory requirements, prevent the occurrence of malicious behavior, and improve the security of user funds. This move will help establish a healthy and transparent trading environment, increase users’ trust in the platform, and will also help maintain the stability and healthy development of the financial market.
    FINOPTA will continue to optimize and improve the fund review mechanism to adapt to the requirements of financial regulatory authorities in different regions and ensure that the interests of users are fully protected.
  2. Withdrawal rules
  3. It takes up to 96 hours for each withdrawal to arrive in your account. (no more than 96 hours)
  4. After becoming an active user, if you have not withdrawn money for at least 15 consecutive calendar days, you can enjoy one fee-free withdrawal.
  5. If you apply for a withdrawal after obtaining the right to withdraw without fees, but cancel the withdrawal voluntarily, it will be regarded as losing the opportunity to withdraw without fees, and the 15-day period will start again.
  6. The withdrawal format password can only be any 6-digit combination from 0 to 9, and no symbols or letters can be entered.
  7. After changing the login password, transaction password, and digital currency wallet address, the fund protection status must wait 48 hours before you can apply for withdrawal.
  8. You can only use flexible funds to apply for cash withdrawal. If the flexible funds are insufficient, please wait until the “pending release” funds become “flexible funds” before withdrawing money.



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