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About FinOpta

Our Journey

2016: Establishment of FINOPTA, marking the beginning of our journey towards developing innovative financial technology solutions.

2016: Formation of our research and development team, comprising top team with rich experience and expertise, dedicated to technological innovation and product development.

2017: Our technology team initiated system research and development, exploring new technological directions and solutions to lay a solid technical foundation for our products.

2018: Market analysis was conducted, delving into market demands and competitive landscape, providing crucial insights for our product positioning and marketing strategies.

2018: Commencement of prototype development, continuously optimizing product features and experience through rapid iterations and market feedback.

2021: Comprehensive optimization of our systems to enhance performance and stability, providing users with a more convenient and efficient experience.

In 2023, after a long period of internal testing and refinement, we officially launched our product, welcoming our first users. To more accurately reflect our business scope and technological capabilities, we renamed the company to FINOPTA TECHNOLOGY. We continuously improve and optimize our products based on users feedback and market demands to enhance competitiveness and user satisfaction.

2024: Emphasis on advancing community ecosystem development and talent cultivation, aiming to create a healthy and vibrant community ecosystem.

2025: In 2025, we plan to expand globally and intensify our offline presence to broaden our business scope and better serve our customers. By establishing entities or offices, we aim to engage more closely with local customers, know their needs, and provide customized solutions. This step will consolidate our leading position in the global financial technology industry and lay a solid foundation for future development.


Features and Benefits

Smart Grid Strategy

The FinOpta smart grid strategy trading system is based on artificial intelligence technology and can automatically analyze market trends and fluctuations. And adjust the spacing and direction of the trading grid based on real-time data to minimize risk.

Efficient trading

FinOpta's intelligent grid trading strategy relies on powerful AI computing power to intelligently and quickly create interval orders for transactions, making it faster and more efficient, improving transaction orders and capital utilization.

Automatic execution

FinOpta's intelligent grid trading strategy system automatically executes transactions without manual intervention. This frees investors from tedious transaction monitoring and focuses on more in-depth market analysis.

Risk Management

FinOpta intelligent grid trading strategy controls risks by intelligently setting stop loss and take profit throughout the process. This helps protect investors from large market swings.

Multi-currency support

The FinOpta intelligent grid trading strategy system supports a variety of mainstream and niche cryptocurrency varieties, allowing investors to widely participate in transactions in different markets.


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