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How to improve the security of the account?

For any investment, security is always the most important part. In order to continuously improve the security level, FinOpta will also actively cooperate with the top international security teams. At the same time, the withdrawal verification process has made major adjustments, system and manual audits, and strive to establish the strongest security barrier for users.

For the security of user accounts, we hope that you can work with us to pay attention to the good habits of security, constantly improve your security awareness, and reduce the possibility of security incidents.


We recommend that you improve the safety of your assets in the following ways.

• Regularly change the account password and transaction password.

(It is recommended that you set a more complex account password to ensure the uniqueness of the password and change the password regularly. Please do not tell others the password)

•. Bind the independent email address.

• Complete real-name verification.

• Turn on two-factor authentication, we recommend that you bind Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication. Tips: The FinOpta team will not take the initiative to ask you for your account password and information for any reason or excuse.

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