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November 15, 2023/

The development history of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a journey spanning decades, from theoretical explorations to a core branch of today’s technology. The following is a brief overview of the development history of AI:Early Explorations (1940-1956):1943: Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitts publish the first model…

October 22, 2023/

Everyone can benefit from the ease of use, consistency and security of Finopta’s smart grid strategy trading system. As artificial intelligence technology becomes more prevalent, we see a unique opportunity in our R&D and design efforts to pursue simplicity in the interface and adjustments to…

The importance of cryptocurrencies in the future

September 20, 2023/

Cryptocurrencies are changing the pattern of traditional finance and future payments by virtue of decentralization, security and transparency. Cryptocurrencies have broad development prospects. At present, in terms of market size, the cryptocurrency market is relatively small. With the development and popularization of blockchain technology in…

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